Dear Members,

Greetings from AMCO,

It has been quite some time that news about our Collective Agreement goes on air. While we understand that members are eagerly awaiting the news on development of the CA, the EXCO also hope that members wait it out patiently as the negotiation is still in progress.

As members are fully aware, many things had taken place in the past few months; fluctuation of oil prices, implementation of GST, devastating impact on potential rising of interest rate by US, clashes between US and China Markets, plummeting down of MYR, Political crises and many more. Unfortunately it happens right during our Collective negotiation. Nevertheless, the EXCO have met the management on many occasions officially and unofficially. Every steps had been taken to secure current benefits as well as trying to get new and improved articles for the members.

For your information, other unions that have concluded their CA are NUBE at 10%, ABOM at 10%, CIMB at 9%. These concluded collective agreements have great implication on the manner of subsequent CA to be concluded, notwithstanding AMCO. However, AMCO have and will still remain persistent and consistent in our plight to a better CA.

Few new articles have been table out which includes, Pilgrimage Leave, Child Care, Cola, amongst others. These articles have been deliberated thoroughly and argued by the EXCO relentlessly. Eventually, the Bank have agreed to look into this proposed new article seriously and to come back with a mandate.

Of course there are also improved articles that were also tabled. Our priority would be the Salary Adjustment, Annual Increment, Refreshment claims, OHA, other allowances, retirement benefits. Rest assured that AMCO is trying to do its very best to put our members at salary scale that is worthy as an executive.

We will get a reply form the management by the end of the year and if all goes well, we should be drawing new salaries in 2016. Meanwhile, to our members out there, EXCO says THANK YOU for your undivided support and be prepared for any instruction from the secretariat. It is also highly important that we recruit as many member as possible. Please look around you for non-members and try your best to invite them to become a member of our large family.

Once again, be patient, stay united, keep your hopes high and pray that the Al Mighty bestow our EXCO with strength, persistency and commitment to concluded the CA amicably.

Thank you.

Zainurin Zainal Abidin

President, AMCO