AMCO CA 2015 – 2017

Dear Members,

A very good morning to everyone. The news that all of have been waiting for is finally here.

After 11 months of negotiations, AMCO negotiators have negotiated with the Bank in the interest of AMCO members and endurance of our Bank.

We truly understand that negotiation process has been long, however we sincerely thank all our members for their patience and support as this time around it was not easy due to the economic climate.

We at AMCO have put in our greatest efforts to secure a total package which will benefit our members. Enhanced benefits and new articles are as follows:

Firstly the most crucial article:

Salary Revision 

All officers in BG50, BG51 and BG52 who are under the scope of AMCO who in the service on 31/12/2014 shall receive a salary adjustment of 10% across the board.

As per our members request we have made special arrangement with HR to pay all arrears on 22/4/2016.

New Salary Range wef 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2017 


MIN MAX +  %
BG 50 3,080 7,700 16.67%
BG 51 3,410 8,200 13.89%
BG 52 3,850 9,240 10%

 Annual Increment wef 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2017


GRADE Existing NEW
BG 50 RM235 RM270
BG 51 RM258 RM290
BG 52 RM298 RM327


Other benefits that are enhanced or newly introduced are as follows:

Article 12 – Transfer

a) Resettlement Allowance

Existing      New

Single         RM1,500  RM1,800

Married      RM3,000   RM3,600

b) Meal Allowance

Existing      New

WM     RM70       RM77

EM      RM80       RM88

c) Outstation Housing Allowance (OHA)

Existing      New

Single          RM400     RM500

Married        RM500     RM700

d) Management Transfer >15km<35km * New Benefit

-RM125 per month for up to two years

Article 19 – Allowances

a) Work Outside normal Hours of Work

– Not less than one (1) hour     RM15

– Not less than two (2) hours   RM25

– Not less than three (3) hours RM35

– Four hour and above             RM45

b) Outstation Duty

Existing      New

WM                                  RM70      RM77

EM, Brunei, Singapore     RM80      RM88

 c) NACC Allowance

– Before 6am:  RM45 per day

– After 6am, at/before 7.30am: RM35 per day

 Article 21 – Hours of Work

a) Payment for Additional Off Day

– Up to 4 hours RM90

– Beyond 4 hours RM160

b) Shift Allowance

– 2 shift Cycle RM264

– 3 shift Cycle RM330

Article 22 – Rest Day

a) Payment for Rest Day

– Up to 4 hours RM90

– Beyond 4 hours RM160

Article 23 – Public Holiday

a) Payment for Public Holiday

– Up to 4 hours RM90

– Beyond 4 hours RM160

Article 25 – Maternity Leave

a) Delivery Charges

– Normal delivery RM800 or Caesarean RM1,000 up to two confinements

b) Child Care Allowance *New Article

– RM840 per annum for officer with children of age 7 years and below

Article 27 – Medical Benefits

a) Dental and Optical

– Combined limit of RM500 per annum for dental scaling & optical

– Full cost of extraction and filling for officers.

b) Medical coverage for Disable Children

– up to RM1,500 for Outpatient Treatment

– up to RM5,000 for Hospitalisation

Article 28 – Special Leave

a) Birth of Legal child/children: 5 working days

b) Immediate Family: Grandparents-in-law are now included

c) Haj Leave – 30 days Haj Leave for officers who have completed 10 years of service * New article

Article 29 – Insurance

a) Personal Accident Insurance – RM230,000

b) Group Term Life Insurance – RM120,000

We hope the above answers all the questions you have in mind for our CA 2015 – 2017.

Our official signing ceremony will be held at Level 46, Menara Maybank on the 30th March 2016.

We sincerely thank each and every member of AMCO for their continuous support and patience especially during this testing times.

We have received many emails, whatsapp, calls and smses giving us words of courage and thanking us and also pledging their undying support. We have tried our level best to personally respond to your messages, however should we have missed anyone our sincere apologies as last few weeks were hectic.

Now that that the CA has been concluded we shall move on the plan future activities. We have to also focus on our colleagues whose BSC Appeals were unsuccessful and to assist members who were unfairly moderated.

Thank you once again and have a pleasant weekend.

With warm regards

On behalf of AMCO EXCO