Nationwide SSE Engagement

Dear Members

We would like to inform you that there will be a Nationwide SSE Engagement session to brief on details of the FSE project. Scheduled of the sessions as below:

Region             Date & Day                      Time                                             Venue

1. FT        17/8/2015  (Monday)              9am                 Region Office, 6th, Tower A, Datara n Maybank

2. SNS     18/8/2015 (Tuesday)     10am & 2.30pm     Anggerik Room, 6th Floor, Region Office, Selangor

3.JM        19/8/2015 (Wednesday)         10am              Region Office, Johor Bahru

4pm              Region Office, Melaka

4.PKT       26/8/2015 (Wednesday)          2pm              Region Office, Kuantan

5. Perak   28/8/2015 (Friday)                   10am            Region Office, Ipoh

6.PKP       07/9/2015 (Monday)                 2pm             Region Office, Penang

Should any member require further information or clarification kindly email me @ or call/message me @ 0162607499.